Hello September!

Posted by Jay Murray on

Well we have made it to September and fall is just right around the corner. This is probably our favorite season of the year and very much looking forward to it. 

We still have many items to put out there for our customers and are going to make a concentrated effort this coming week between the project around the house. Busy times for sure but now is a good time to get them done. I had a full time job for three weeks from mid July to mid August when I was laid off. Strange how it was but that how things work sometimes. So projects galore until I can find something else. With the inflation and higher costs of doing business sales haven't been what we had hoped. But it is all understandable and we will keep pushing forward. 

We hope things have been going well for everyone else, past and future customers. With that in mind I am starting a sale today where you can save 15% on your favorite items and unlimited quantities. Use code SEPT15 at checkout to get your 15% off today! 

Thanks for coming by and see you next time. Jay


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