June is Here at WOFdog Farms Trading Company

Posted by Amy Murray on

It seems we are running right through this year of 2022. Things have been busy on our end but not as busy as we would have liked. We have downsized our antique booth presence to one location at the moment at Southern Paradise Antique and Thrift in Erwin, NC. So if you are ever in the area please stop by and check us out. We do have many different items as well as the main source of our refinished furniture sales. If you are local and have something you want transformed and/or re- purposed let me know!

Our online sales have been sluggish as of late due to the economy at the moment. We are continually adding new items to this website as well as our Etsy site and I have a lot more to inventory and list from the closing of our Benson, NC booth. A lot more! So stay tuned for more items to come online as I try to get 5 to 6 items listed per day. 

And finally we are running a 15% off sale for the month of June. It should be an automatic discount during checkout but if you have any issues, please reach out to us. We also offer local pickup.

Happy June to everyone and enjoy the flowers!

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