What's in a name?

Posted by Amy Murray on

We often get questions about the name of our business.  Is it WOOFdog?  What does W.O.F. stand for?  Do we have a farm?  Let's answer those questions and introduce ourselves a bit!

W.O.F. stands for Wastes Of Fur...as in our dogs are basically lazy, spoiled, pets.  They are not working dogs.  They are not guard dogs.  They just shed fur and give us love.  The current crowd are the second generation and they are holding up the tradition quite nicely!  Without further ado - meet Sir Benjamin Woffington III and Lady Matilda Mae - the faces of WOFdog Farms.  

Do we have a farm?  No, we do not.  At least not in the traditional sense of the word.  We have yard with a garden and the dreams of someday owning a proper farm.  Maybe one with actual livestock and a tractor.  In the meantime we will remain "faux" farmers.

And now, a little about the humans behind the brand.  We are Jay and Amy, WV transplants now living in the Sandhills of NC.  We are the proud parents of two grown sons.  Jay (aka #thatfurnitureguy) left his job in the construction industry about a year ago to focus on our business full time.  I work for a local heavy equipment dealer as a service manager (about as far from the creative, vintage world as you can get).  I am the one who had the crazy idea to begin this business.  Jay came along for the ride and here we are!  

As always, we are humbled by how much this little dream of mine has grown.  We are looking forward to some exciting new ventures in the coming months, and we hope you will join us for the journey!  

Happy Treasures!


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  • So happy for the two of you and your dream come true. Love looking and buying the beautiful finds that you market.


    Nina Williams on
  • Congrats and best of luck growing your business!

    Amy Edwards on

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