Getting Closer to 2022 at WOFdog Farms!

Posted by Amy Murray on

Another year is almost upon us. All we can say here on the farm is "did we do that yet?" It certainly has been busy to say the least, but a good kind of busy.  As we close the books on 2021 and look into the future we have some changes on the horizon.

When we made the decision to turn this little side gig into a full time thing for #thatfurnitureguy earlier this year - we jumped into the deep end and opened THREE brick and mortar booths.  Those booths, along with our Etsy shop and custom orders, ended up begin a bit too much to handle for just one person.  SO, in an effort to make what we do the very best it can be, we are scaling back in 2022.  We will be closing two of our booths and consolidating into one larger booth.  This was a tough decision because the folks at the shops are completely awesome, our customers are completely awesome, and we LOVE doing what we do.  We aren't going away - just downsizing a bit.

In the coming days we will be finishing up two custom projects, completing a couple of new projects for the updated booth space, closing the other two "shops", and revealing the new and improved WOFdog Farms Trading Company at Southern Paradise Antiques and Thrift in Erwin, NC...check back for updates!  

In the meantime we hope you had a magical holiday with those you hold near and dear.  

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