April Into May at WOFdog Farms Trading Company

Posted by Amy Murray on

It has been an odd time here at WOFdog Farms lately. It seems sales have been in spurts, none for four days then five sales in a day. We think that the current gas situation and tax time here in the US has added to some worries. There's always some joy to be found though and that's what we look for.

We have been adding new items daily and hope to start shipping furniture items soon. We also are consolidating our antiques booths into only one store now so if you are in the area please stop and see us at Southern Paradise Antiques and Thrift in Erwin, NC. It is a large store with many vendors. This is where we sell most of our furniture make overs and we keep some smaller glasswares and porcelain items there. 

And in closing for this blog post a special day is upcoming; Mother's Day! Be sure to show mom what she means to you. 

Back soon with more updates!!

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